Chernek Compliance Review

“Not knowing what you don’t know WILL put you at major risk”

Are you putting your dealership at risk? Of course not, you would say. Who would do that? Well, most likely YOU. You may be putting your dealership at risk of law suits and out-of-this world settlements because your dealership wasn’t up-to-date on compliance issues.

As they say “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

Exactly. That’s why Becky Chernek trains dealers on the importance of building profit while reducing liability. It isn’t difficult. It isn’t rocket science. It is simply taking the time to get it right and do it right. — every time!

Chernek’s mantra: “You can break records without breaking laws!”

Payment packing is at an all-time high and the FTC is coming down hard on bad players! Reduce the chargebacks and legal scrutiny! Looking the other way will have a negative impact, especially in today’s world that is driven by social media. A good reputation is hard to win back!

The industry is moving rapidly, and Chernek will review your transactions to ensure you are compliant. Is your process up-to-date? Are you ahead of the curve on compliance? Will your digital menu provider keep you out of trouble? Is your agent getting the job done? Does your F&I manager delete disclosures and you don’t know about it? Is your F&I manager presenting the base payment? Is your menu locked down?

Ask yourself these hard questions. When you want the answers — and a solution — call Chernek.

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