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UpGrade to Role-Play

Proficiency and performance comes with practice. Lots of it. Every athletic coach teaches this tenet. So do music teachers. And proficiency comes with following rules and regulations, as well as having natural ability. Sales and finance personnel must have people skills or their storehouse of management knowledge won’t bring successful sales. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. 
The role-play platform assists sales and finance team members in putting head-knowledge to work with customers in such a way that they become trusting friends. With a personal trainer guiding you or your team through every scenario— from the meet-and-greet on the sales floor or lot to the handshake after the contract signing—the well-rehearsed sales skills will inspire confidence and confidence leads to more sales.
Role-Play can be purchased for an entire dealership group or one individual. Dealers, too! At the conclusion of the course, each member of your team will upload a rehearsed presentation to obtain a grade. There are no failures. We believe in the tenet “If at first you don’t first succeed, try, try again!” And we’re in the game until each player becomes proficient.

Role-Play topics include:

  • Steps to the Sale

  • Presentation of Worksheet

  • Managing Interest Rate & Terms

  • Sales Management Negotiation

  • Holding Trade Value

  • Leasing

  • Conversions

  • F&I Interview

  • Menu Presentation

  • Product Objections

  • and more!

Many dealers upgrade to Role-Play following the in-dealership training or Chernek Consulting workshop or in conjunction with Chernek Consulting Virtual Pro our online continuing education platform. Role-Play has been proven to significantly increase performance it is private and only available to those individual specified or step outside the norm with a leader-board and go competitive! It’s amazing the impact you will achieve when you decide to get serious with your coaching!
Individual & Group Plans Available Contact Us for Details!
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