Sales Strategy & Profit Analysis

A sales analysis from Chernek Consulting is similar to your annual physical. Everything seems fine — and probably is — but it never hurts to have a professional confirm that you are doing everything you can to be in top shape. And, if there’s an issue, to deal with it and be better than ever!

That’s what Chernek’s complete no-hassle sales analysis can do for your dealership. From online to design to finalizing the transaction with a hybrid sales associate or single point F&I manager, Chernek will discover what your team is doing right — and just as important — what they can do to plug profit leaks that you may not even know!

Chernek Consulting will show you how to massively improve your sales and F&I performance by making specific recommendations that, if implemented, will make a difference in your overall performance. We understand that you may be a bit skeptical. Maybe you’ve heard it all before? Sure but Becky Chernek has the experience and proven track record to back it up. Becky Chernek has been an expert in the F& I world for decades learning the nuts and bolts and teaching how to get the most profit with proper compliance possible. And, it is possible. Chernek knows every part of F&I and has been teaching and training — and training the trainers — on how to evaluate and suggest solutions that work.

Chernek Consulting is not a piece-meal provider. Trying to fit pieces from different puzzles into one obviously won’t work. Neither does having random pieces to your F&I world. Every process, every technology, every approach must be seamless and connected— all working together with the same goals of maximizing profits, reducing liability and increasing customer retention.

Our dealers — large and small — not only endorse us because our proven hands-on techniques significantly increased their profits and reduced liability, but because they continue to do so long after we trained them. We aren’t in it for the short-term; we deliver long-term financial benefits.

Contact Rebecca Chernek directly to schedule your online evaluation or in-house consultation. For an in-house evaluation, the dealer pays travel expenses only.

Want to know the difference between an annual physical exam and a Chernek Sales Strategy and Profit Analysis?

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