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Chernek Consulting, LLC provides customized in-dealership training and private webinars for RV dealers. Chernek in-dealership consultations have been designed specifically for the RV dealer in mind. Let’s face it RV sales is not car sales! Becky assures the standard of excellence and dedication to your F&I performance RV dealers insist on; F&I training is based on profits earned- a consistent sales approach that builds confidence in execution while building a life-long customer. Chernek training is customer focused. In-dealership consultation is customized based on the dealer’s specific requirements- “we are not a cookie cutter program- same to all RV dealers!” Learn how to effectively present your products in a customer centric manner- master the art of menu selling- get your ENTIRE sales team on the same page with an in-dealership training program! Start seeing your F&I profits explode! We have many references available and would love for you to contact them! Many of our dealers especially like the CC retainer program contact us for details.

We offer continuing education with our state of the art F&I platform get the most out of your training!!
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Automotive Training
RV Training

Automotive In-Dealership Consultation: Chernek provides automotive customized in-dealership training curriculum for your specific needs. Each dealer is unique and has individual concerns, depending upon it’s location and size. “Chernek training is not a cookie-cutter program”. Every consideration is taken to ensure your team learns what will make the greatest impact for your sales and profits. Chernek finance and insurance training program is “a store-wide commitment” it is designed to increase your font and back-end profits while reducing liability. “A process that ensures trust-creditability from the minute your customer touches down on the dealership website to finalizing the transaction with a digital or paper menu presentation. Digital Retailing is Here! Customer’s are shopping vehicles online and financing- do you have a virtual finance process in place to meet customer demands?” Since it is essential that all your management personnel share your same sales philosophy, an in-dealership consultation guarantees your management staff will be on the same page. Chernek programs are designed to meet your specific needs and optimize your goals.
A typical in-dealership consultation agenda may include:


  • Meet with the dealer to discuss problems and goals.

  • Review documentation of 30 new and used transactions from office.

  • Meet with the sales and finance management personnel.

  • Observe sales management and finance presentations.

  • Meet with the dealer to discuss workshop initiatives and solutions.


  • Kick-off meeting with all dealership retail personnel. Dealer/ administrator explains goals (or this can be with finance personnel only).

  • Split personnel into two groups (Team A and Team B) to maintain coverage on the floor.

  • Conduct first training session for Team A.

  • Break for lunch (usually brought into the dealership to avoid interruptions throughout the week).

  • Conduct second training session for Team B.


The exact F&I Training curriculum will depend upon the dealer principal needs for his/her dealership. Continuing education is available through for a nominal fee. Ask us about our upgrade package to ROLE-PLAY! Contact Becky Chernek directly at 404-276-4026 for details on all our F&I Training Services.
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