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Chernek Consulting, LLC provides customized in-dealership training and private webinars for RV dealers. Chernek in-dealership consultations have been designed specifically for the RV dealer in mind. Let’s face it RV sales is not car sales! Becky assures the standard of excellence and dedication to your F&I performance RV dealers insist on; F&I training is based on profits earned- a consistent sales approach that builds confidence in execution while building a life-long customer. Chernek training is customer focused. In-dealership consultation is customized based on the dealer’s specific requirements- “we are not a cookie cutter program- same to all RV dealers!” Learn how to effectively present your products in a customer centric manner- master the art of menu selling- get your ENTIRE sales team on the same page with an in-dealership training program! Start seeing your F&I profits explode! We have many references available and would love for you to contact them! Many of our dealers especially like the CC retainer program contact us for details.

We offer continuing education with our state of the art F&I platform get the most out of your training! www.chernekconsultingvirtualpro.com!
Contact Rebecca Chernek today for details or email us at becky@chernekconsulting.com 

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Rebecca Chernek has seen it all, done it all and knows how to train your associates to do it all — and better than anyone else! With nearly three decades of auto industry experience, she has hands-on experience in almost every aspect of the automotive sales process: new cars, used cars, truck sales, F&I, finance for volume operations and general management

Hundreds of automotive dealerships in the U.S. and Canada are reaping the rewards of Chernek’s training as she streamlined their processes and closing techniques, counseled on compliance, improved client retention and stopped bottom line bleeding.

Among the customized training program Chernek offers are in-dealership training, Mastering F&I in a Digital Age, Customer Centric Workshop, Sales and F&I Training for Females, Service Drive, Deal Structure & Sub-Prime training, F&I Fundamentals Get Back to the Basics and Corporate and regional workshops. She provides F&I Online training, which highly recommended for your Single Point Sales Associate, as well as additional services such as training on dealer retention, Service Drive * Aftermarket Product Sales, Digital Retailing and Management & Sales Training.

What makes Chernek’s training special is that she customizes it to your dealership with your unique situation. One size does not fit all, and Chernek knows that and brings training that is best suited to your market and your team.

Discover what those on the cutting edge of the auto dealership industry — such as Wards Business, CBT Automotive Network, Dealer Magazine, Subprime News and as an NCM 20 Group F&I content provider— know. If you’re looking for answers request a private consultation today.

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