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⦿ Are ALL your products being presented 100% of the time? Do you still have products on your menu you no longer offer?
⦿ Is your Contract In Transit a head-ache? 
⦿ Do you spot deals only to recontract later for less profit?
⦿ Does it take over 30 minutes to get the customer in and out of the F&I office? 
⦿ Are your chargebacks out the roof?
⦿ Does your F&I manager only sell rate, service contracts and gap? 
⦿ Is your F&I manager a rate hog?
⦿ Does your sales manager finalize the transaction prior to it going into F&I? 
⦿ Do you have a declination menu and is it signed by the customer – does it match the finance contract?
⦿ Are you properly itemizing your products on the menu? Do you honor consistent product pricing? 
⦿ Are you running below $1200 per vehicle retail?
⦿ Is your F&I partner taking you to the cleaners - want a side by side product comparison?
⦿ Do you experience a high turnover rate in F&I? 

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