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⦿ What is your desk managers process? Are they inadvertently giving up the farm? Does sales staff have a clear cohesive consistent process they follow?
⦿ Are you quoting customers to the cent? Are your deals being penciled on extended terms? 
⦿ Do you spot deals only to recontract later for less profit?
⦿ Is your CIT out of control? More than 10% over 20 days?
⦿ Are your chargebacks over 10%?
⦿ Do you have bazillion products on the menu but only manage to sell an average of one or two?
⦿ Is your F&I manager a rate hog?
⦿ Don’t know what UDAP means?
⦿ Do you have a declination menu and is it signed by the customer – does it match the finance contract?
⦿ Are you itemizing your products unsure why that matters?
⦿ Are you running below $1000 per vehicle retail?
⦿ Are you getting the biggest bang out of your products – want a complete analysis?
⦿ What are your products doing for you? — industry analysis available!


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