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Chernek Consulting, LLC offers in-depth sales management training on desking practices that will significantly boost sales and profits for the entire team! Learn how to consistently deliver a worksheet that optimizes results. Your worksheet is your menu! Create a seamless process that is customer centric create the ultimate buying experience. Digital Retailing is Here! Make the on-line or off-line buying experience easy – offer a intuitive credit pre-approval process that will reduce some of the heavy lifting for the customer. Customer’s don’t want to spend the entire day at the dealership buying a car and why should they?
Shorten the time your customer spends in the F&I office. Pointing fingers at the F&I manager to speed the delivery won’t work, remember, it takes, “two to tango”! Chernek is committed to helping you succeed- we offer retainer programs to make training affordable. Chernek continuing education makes it a breeze to keep the content fresh and don’t forget to ask us about our ROLE-PLAY – take your training to the next level.
We recently added Virtual F&I Sales to our offerings. Contact us for details.

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