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Over the course of the last three decades, my methods have been employed by literally thousands of F&I managers throughout hundreds of dealerships in both the U.S. and Canada. Now I am making my F&I online  training available to you 24/7 on you time! Whether you choose to immerse yourself fully or take a piecemeal approach to your education, my F&I platform puts you in the driver’s seat and ensures you have all the tools necessary to learn at your own pace. It has been designed for either the hybrid sales associate who is responsible to present menu’s or the beginner and advanced F&I student. The courseware is interactive and it is in bite size pieces that creates a robust learning experience. “You won’t be bored!” Student is provided with a certification upon completion! It comes with an “Ask Becky” feature to answer any questions you have while taking the course. “I’ll do my best to answer your question within 24 hours… who else does that?” The library is filled with supporting documents and articles, also included is how to read an Equifax report! 25 chapters of excellent content that offer sure-fire techniques to increase sales in F&I: We'll cover all the F&I Secrets and how to Set Up Your F&I Department- Contract In Transit- Bucket System-Deal Structure- Bank Relations-Compliance-How to Present a Million Dollar Menu- Gap Closes-Service Contract Closes and so much more! Offer comes with a 2 day FREE TRIAL PERIOD!

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Find out for yourself how Chernek Consulting Virtual Pro’s time proven methods can help you unlock your full potential and assist you in achieving your peak performance as an F&I professional. 
Chernek Consulting, LLC offers customized in-dealership training as well as regional workshops for insurance providers and OEM. ***We offer customized curriculum video content for automotive dealers, insurance providers and corporate entities. Contact us for details.
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The CHERNEK CONSULTING VIRTUAL PRO! F&I Training Has Never Been Easier!

Role-Play offers a customized twist approach learn how to effectively present your products and overcome customer objections! This newest feature is available for ANYONE IN THE DEALERSHIP– sales, sales, service, sales management and F&I Manager! All role-play is PRIVATE won’t be shared which makes it a powerful tool but can be shared among team associates for a greater impact. Call us today for details!

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