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Chernek Consulting, LLC founded in 2001 offers customized in-house F&I training, regional workshops for automotive, RV, independents and luxury dealers throughout the United States and Canada. She also provides regional workshops for insurance providers, corporate events and OEM. Chernek has helped hundreds of dealers increase F&I performance while reducing liability. Her training includes proven techniques from sales to finance that engages the buyer from the time they land on the dealership website to finalizing the transaction with a digital or paper menu presentation. Chernek has assisted dealers by streamlining their processes, implementing a transparent selling system to boost profits while limiting liability.

Everything About Chernek Dealer Services

Chernek In-Dealership Consultation: Chernek provides a customized training curriculum for your specific dealership needs as well as for insurance providers and corporate events. Each dealership is unique and has individual expectations, depending upon the location and size. “Chernek is not a cookie-cutter program.” Every consideration is taken to ensure your participating staff learn what will make the greatest impact for your expectations. Menu selling is designed not only to increase your profits, but also to limit your liability. It’s more than menu selling it’s adhering to proven practices that assure more units are sold. maximizing profits but being compliant every step of the way! Assure a customer centric approach wins hands down! Implementing a process that responds to the online shopper Digital Retail is now, convert more online customers. Since it is essential that all management personnel share your sales philosophy, an in-dealership F&I training will guarantee your team will be on the same page, transparency is a clear cut solution. Chernek designs programs that fit your style and specific needs to optimize your potential. Get everyone on the same team and start seeing immediate results. 

A Customer Centric Workshop: It is time-tested and easy to implement the minute your manager is back at the dealership, with proven solutions that will make a significant impact on your dealership’s bottom line. The workshop has been designed for all management personnel, even a new professional just entering the finance office. We also welcome the hybrid sales associate who is responsible for finalizing the presentation with a digital or paper menu presentation. Class size is being kept purposely small, for greater interactive participation that encourages better understanding and retention. Key to the success of this workshop is teaching superior interview techniques, smooth transitions to an effective menu presentation, credit interview, deal structure, bank relations and proven methods for overcoming objections. Role-Play is paramount and interaction ensures every participant remains focused.

On-Line Training Courses Includes Hybrid Sales Associate

Chernek offers the very best in intuitive interactive video courses, in bite size pieces no more boring lectures on the ultimate sales associate- bridging the gap between sales and the F&I department. F&I online content has been designed for either the beginner or advanced F&I manager and it’s ideal for the hybrid sales associate responsible for finalizing the sale with a menu presentation. Example of some of the courseware instruction:

  • Deal Structure

  • F&I Management

  • Contract In Transit- The Bucket System

  • Performance Tracking

  • Reading an Equifax Report

  • Bank Relations

  • Credit Interviews

  • Effective Menu Selling

  • Non-Prime and Subprime Financing

  • Lender Approval

  • Service Contract Closing

  • Product Upselling

  • Online Sales

  • Aftermarket Sales

  • Legal Compliance (features Jim Radogna, president, Dealer Compliance Consultants, Inc.)

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Service Drive Training: You achieve higher performance and customer retention when you gain customer loyalty that offers an exceptional buying experience empowering the customer to purchase your services and product offering. Chernek training is designed to put you at the top – achieve the highest in performance standards while building a lifetime customer. Chernek customized in-dealership consultation and interactive webinar sessions are designed with one goal in mind… to keep you on track and ahead of the pack. Service drive training can be included in any in-dealership training service.

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