Dealer Retention Program

Dealer Retention Program

Dealer Retention Program is the best solution to bring YOUR customer back to the service drive. Learn how to develop a relationship based on trust- earn customer loyalty through a proven solution that everyone wins!
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  • A customer who services their car regularly with you will most likely purchase their next vehicle from you.

  • Pre-paid maintenance programs generate fast cash and will boost retention on an average 10-20 percent more.

  • RO amounts generated by a PPM are about $128 for each visit. That is in addition to the amount they have already pre-paid.

  • On average, dealers selling these programs see an 80% return rate.

REPORTING You cannot manage if you cannot measure!
Depending on the size of your dealership, you can be managing thousands of customers services, both redeemed and outstanding. Managing your liabilities can be a daunting task, but with PCP a simple click of a button will track your progress for you. The program is constantly upgraded to give the Dealer a better understanding of the dealership’s performance quickly and effectively.


  • It makes sense to the Dealer.

  • It makes sense for the Customer.

  • It makes sense in F&I and the Service Department LOVE IT!

Monitor your growth within your dealership’s PCP site while your Smart Marketing module sends out:

  • Direct mail and email to every newly enrolled customer.

  • Than you email when customers redeem services.

  • Service reminders based on customer’s plan intervals.

Contact Rebecca Chernek for more details on the Dealer Retention Program- VIP PCP programs- more retention in service means increased profits and more cars sold!

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