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We’re the best in the business in our specialties and we won’t try to bluff our way when we’re not. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t recommend you to others who can provide you the services you need. Let us know what you need, and if we can’t do it better than anyone in the business, we’ll highly recommend our Chernek Training Network! It’s all part of Chernek’s Consulting mission to provide you with the best training for our automotive dealers. We’re not a cooking cutter same to all, in fact, you have the option to take advantage of anyone of our consultants through the traditional fee or product base - which means ongoing training! Not only will Chernek Consulting significantly boost your investment it will also massively improve your bottom line.


F & I Development Specialist


International Used Vehicle Training Expert


High-Performance Fixed Operations

By booking these experts through Chernek Consulting, you not only get top-notch services and products that are endorsed by Rebecca Chernek, but Chernek Consulting will conduct a complimentary profit sales analysis to ensure that your insurance providers are giving you the best products for the optimal cost. The result is that dealers will significantly increase their portfolio while, at the same time, be able to implement the best training available. Win-Win!

Not sure how you would benefit from a profit sales analysis? It’s easy! Think of it like your annual physical. Everything seems fine — and probably is — but it never hurts to have a professional confirm that you are doing everything you can to be in top shape. And, if there’s an issue, to deal with it and be better than ever!

We made it simple. Providing excellence is what you need, and excellence is what we deliver—either directly from Rebecca or through Chernek Consulting’s team of expert training network.

To be the best, you need to be around the best. Meet Chernek Training Network!.


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