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Winning with Menu Selling!


Winning With Menu Selling - Paper or Digital?

Your menu — digital or paper — is one of your most important assets in the finance office. It is also one of the most important ways for you to stay compliant in a highly litigious society. But is the menu you present up to snuff, are you putting your best foot forward? And, on the flip side, do you have so much on it — so many products— that the customer gets confused, shuts down and just wants out?

Is your menu outdated, getting the results you want? Are you running less than $1200 per car?

Maybe your menu needs a bit of a spring cleaning! An efficient menu offers the options that a client might — and should — be interested in without overwhelming them. Now, you might say “How can a customer know what they want unless we present everything including the kitchen sink?” And, that is a valid question. But I often advise my clients to remember when they go to a restaurant with several well-chosen entree options. The customer has enough time to evaluate, ask questions and consider add-ons such as dessert and wine.

Then, have you ever been to a restaurant where the menu was a small book, with several pages of every sort of entree imaginable? I love Cheesecake Factory but my head explodes! I can’t make up my mind. Our brains just can’t — especially on the spot — consume so much information.

We don’t want to make all those decisions. Customers want ease in shopping. They want to get in and out of the F&I department and certainly don’t want to be in a dealership all day buying a car. You have minutes to gain their trust and confidence with your menu presentation. That’s why an overstuffed menu will diminish your profits. That’s right —profits! A menu with the right amount of products will entice a customer to learn more, see the value and buy from you.

A simple, to-the-point menu helps eliminate pressure selling tactics, reduces chargebacks, speeds the delivery and increases CSI. It builds trust.

A user-friendly menu allows you to meet the customer on their terms where you can establish a common bond, fully disclosing terms, product options, and itemized product pricing. It reduces the time in the F&I office. Step selling doesn’t work; it’s torture. It can take up to an hour, diminished profits and, in some instances, lead to payment packing. The FTC is coming down hard on dealers for deceptive practices. The menu is your best arsenal to ensure that best practices are being implemented and the customer truly understands all the terms of the sale. You leave nothing to chance.

If you use a digital menu, your F&I managers must be properly trained. You can’t put an iPad in the customer’s hand and say, “Enjoy!” It is an event, a digital journey from the time the F&I manager meets the customer to the final menu presentation. A digital menu works best when it’s fully utilized, is interactive and the customer feels as if they are in control of the buying experience.

Meet with your F&I manager and review the menu in detail. Like spring cleaning, freshen it up — take the clutter off. Change your ribbon add color to your menu! Throw out products that are no longer sellable. Put the top products front and center. Remember if your F&I manager doesn’t buy into them, what makes you think they will present them? Buy-in creates a consistent menu and a consistent menu presentation guarantees you results.

Check out Chernek Consulting’s upcoming workshop on November 6th, 7th & 8th in Alpharetta, GA at the DoubleTree Hilton Properties. We’ll cover everything you need to know to present an efficient, impactful menu presentation and how effectively overcome objections! The workshop is designed for the beginner or advanced student. Learn how to present a paper menu or a digital menu and the importance behind the interview process. Understand the difference between a paper menu presentation versus a digital menu presentation to get the impact you're looking for.

If you're considering a digital menu, this workshop is a must for you! Learn the pros and cons to an effective digital menu presentation. Learn how to take a ‘no’ response and turn it into a ‘yes’. Find out how to meet customer specific needs based on a value proposition and why a compliant menu creates a paper trail that will keep you out of hot water.

Get back to the basics and massively improve your F&I performance. Rebecca Chernek has been facilitating The Customer Centric – Closing Tools Mastering Menu Sales — since 2001 with remarkable results. The tools your F&I manager picks up from this workshop will dramatically impact their success once back at the dealership.

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