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When the customer say's no! I want to stick with the base payement!

F&I Training a no doesn't have to mean no, it might just mean, tell me more. Sell to the customers needs not to your paycheck. Closing the customer is a value proposition - the benefit your products offer to the customer. Listen to what the customer tells you - be patient. The customer will tell you the reason why they have decided not to take advantage of the F&I products. If you have done an effective interview you can state, "many of my customers under the same set of circumstances you described who often keep their vehicles for over six years or more take advantage of my service contract is there a reason you chose not to take advantage of the service contract? Make sure you have your word tracks down it takes work - F&I Training and role-play to master your word tracks. Word tracks keep you focused and steers you in the right direction. Word tracks are like a GPS without them you will get sucked down the rabbit hole. You aren't robotic you are genuine so own your content inside and out. There isn't a professional athlete or performer who doesn't practice role-play every day! F&I Training is essential to your overall performance. Rebecca Chernek offers customized in-dealership training and financial services or OEM. For our CBT Automotive Network dealers (1) complementary single store online analysis find out why your not running over $1000.00 per car!

F&I Training When the Customer Says No to Your Menu Presentation.

F&I Training Don't let a no get the best of you. A no doesn't have to mean no, it might just mean, tell me more! Get the customer to tell you how to sell them. Sell the value of your F&I products to the customers need not to your paycheck.

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