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Valuable Live On-Line Workshop in Finance & Insurance Free for Servicemen and Women Returning to Civilian Life

CCI Learning Center, based in Atlanta, GA, was founded for the express purpose of providing dynamic and proven expertise in finance and insurance management for automotive and related finance source companies. We provide regional workshops, customized in-dealership and online live web-ex training. We know how to develop and retain qualified leaders to manage a profitable and compliant finance and insurance department.

CCI understands the importance of putting our Soldiers and Marines back to work! To that end, we’re providing a unique opportunity to those who are goal-oriented and who have a sincere desire to put their inner drive and discipline to work in a finance management capacity.

CCI Learning Center is currently offering all Transitioning Service Members the opportunity to attend a complimentary live web-ex workshop: F&I Fundamentals & Integrity Sales, a (3-day, 4-hour course). We recommend that each candidate taking advantage of this opportunity purchase the ADI Automotive Dealership Institute E-Book at $49.00, which supports the F&I Fundamentals & Integrity Sales curriculum but it is not a requirement!

After successful completion of the workshop, CCI will actively seek placement of each participating individual into an F&I management position with an automotive, RV or related finance company. Although some candidates may not be immediately placed into an F&I management position, other positions may be made available that include salary and commissions, with an agreement that the candidate may be accepted into a finance management position after a specified probationary term.

CCI Learning Center has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years and our many resources provide additional levels of comprehensive support to ensure a flourishing long -term relationship.

CCI has received hundreds of outstanding references from trainees nationwide who have successfully completed our training course and gone on to become valuable key members of their dealership’s management team. CCI is endorsed by Vets-Cars, the nation’s only Auto Dealer association whose members pledge a superior and professional buying experience to the military and Veteran community. We believe in best practices and an upfront, transparent sales process. Our methods are designed to meet or exceed all Federal privacy, disclosure and compliance guidelines. We will help you to achieve consistency and excellence.

Don’t miss out on this chance to prepare for an exciting future in the finance and insurance field. Remember, it’s free! That’s a cost anyone can afford. All we need is your time, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn. Contact us now to learn more about this program.

Thank you for your service and ‘Welcome home!’

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