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The Overall F&I Process Determines Your Success!

An F&I Process can either make you or break you. In-dealership F&I Training is essential, discover if your process is working for you or not. Streamline the process by assuring there is a true meeting of the mind helps to speed the overall delivery time and reduce any misunderstanding. When the customer agrees to the terms of the sales they will likely reduce their sales resistance to your product presentation. Give the customer the ability to take control of the buying process will often lead to more aftermarket products sold and a better CSI. Sending the deal into the F&I office without the customer understanding all the terms will likely diminish trust and cost F&I creditability. This often times leads to reduced profits and the effectiveness of selling products based on a value proposition. Menu selling is not box closing! Box closing causes friction between the F&I manager and customer which likely reduces CSI and the chance of excessive chargebacks. Foster trust between the departments when F&I engages earlier on in the process at the salesperson desk. It's always best to encourage the F&I manager at the sales manager desk when possible. Getting involved earlier on is ideal and also especially if the customer has slow pay history assures the transaction is straight the F&I manager has confirmed proof of income or residence has taken the time to conduct a credit needs analysis, get the story from the customer firsthand, sell the story to the bank.

Rebecca Chernek offers customized in-dealership F&I training from sales to desking to financing. She works with the hybrid sales associate and also trains sales management on desking best practices that help to support a holistic sales approach to sell more cars and maximize profits. Contact Becky Chernek at 866-894-1899 or email at

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