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LIVE- WebEx- (3) Days (4) Hours F&I Fundamentals!



F&I training conducted in virtual reality

from your business or home office.


Chernek Consulting, Inc. is finally offering its online, immersive three-day workshop for any professional in or out of the automotive industry who seeks a position in finance & insurance.

The workshop embraces a basic introductory curriculum designed to provide all the knowhow of what goes on behind the closed doors of a car or RV, marine, powersport dealership. Students will learn innovative procedures for fulfilling necessary administrative responsibilities, and how to effectively present products and increase overall performance while limiting liability for the dealer. CCI works with credit union and call center employees too.

The material is designed to put every trained professional in the driver’s seat, allowing more effective delivery of finance, lease or cash transactions.

Did you know that the average income of a successful Finance & Insurance Manager is over $60,000? Even in a tough economy, the finance manager is in high demand!

Dealers experience high turnover. There is an urgent need for talented and well-trained professionals who don’t have closed minds and a plethora of unworkable selling techniques. It is tough to teach old dogs new tricks, but it’s not impossible! Now is the perfect time to update knowledge, learn new menu selling techniques, and practice more efficient and effective customer relations skills.

Well-informed customers are using the Internet to investigate and compare dealership products, prices, and guarantees. The changed economy demands that dealers employ professionals who are detail-oriented, focused, computer and technology savvy, personable, attentive to customer needs and satisfaction, well informed about compliance and disposed to protect the company’s reputation. That professional can be you!

Is your former experience with the military, mortgage banking, general banking, or insurance sales? Have you been a salesperson in another field? Are you a recent graduate from college? If you think you have what it takes to start a career in finance & insurance, you will want to sign up for the CCI F&I Fundamentals and Integrity Sales online, immersive three-day workshop. Are you already employed in a car dealership and have the need to update your skills and knowledge for a promotion? Are you an F&I managers who isn’t bringing in the expected profits? In three days, you will have the knowledge and certification to start your new journey or put back the fire in your belly!

You can take the CCI online training course from a comfortable chair in your own business or home office . . . at a fraction of the cost in-person workshops charge. Virtual reality is the “new” classroom.

After you obtain a position in finance and insurance, CCI has many other resources available for continuing your education, including compliance certification courses.

Chernek Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2001 to provide comprehensive, effective, up-to-date, and affordable finance & insurance training for automotive, RV and marine dealers nationwide.

For almost a decade, CCI has assisted literally hundreds of dealers and their sales and finance staff improve performance while limiting liability. The firm is known for its outstanding workshops and successful in-house evaluations and training techniques. Dealer Elite announced in a recent poll that CCI was a runner-up in providing the best F&I training in the country!

Contact Rebecca Chernek now! Get on board the very next online training workshop and make 2010 a year to remember!

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