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F&I Training - Overcoming Objections

F&I Training - Overcoming Objections is it a thing of the past, is it a lost art?

Some trainers say using closing tactics may turn off the customer. If you’re using outdated closing techniques, yes, the customer will walk away. “Always be closing” has been relegated to the movie history in Glengarry Glen Ross. Customers become more sophisticated each day because of the information they can excess to become smarter consumers. They also have many more buying options and hard closing tactics send them to the door.

But this doesn’t mean you throw out using closing tactics. It means closing tactics must evolve and be absolutely relevant to the customer’s needs. That evolution comes through better F&I training, F&I training that throws out all conventional wisdom on closing.

Overcoming the objection based on the customer's needs is not something that is pulled from the air or because of a product spiff. You have to spend more time listening than speaking. You have to listen to what the customer tells you in order to handle the objection and answer their question.

F&I training helps you establish solid word tracks down that are then studied and rehearsed. That makes a huge difference. But you don't want to sound robotic in your approach. It must touch the heart of the customer’s concerns and answer their needs directly.

F&I training is a major part of understanding effective role-play sessions that will teach you how to master effective closes that win the customer hands down.

A free F&I training session can help you see the value of closing tactics that have evolved away from the “Always be closing” approach that turns away customers and profit.

Is overcoming objections a lost art, a thing of the past? Effective closes that get to the heart of the customer concerns matter the most. F&I Training is essential to learn the basic requirements behind how to properly overcome the customer objections without tearing down walls.

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