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Chernek In-Dealership Consultation

CCI In-Dealership Consultation: Chernek provides a customized training curriculum for your specific dealership needs. Each dealership is unique and has individual problems, depending upon it location and size. We are not a cookie-cutter provider. Every consideration is taken to ensure your participating personnel learn what will make the greatest impact for your sales and profits. Menu selling is designed not only to increase your profits, but also to limit your liability. Since it is essential that all your management personnel share your sales philosophy, an in-dealership consultation guarantees they will be on the same page. CCI designs a program to fit your specific needs to assist you in achieving your goals.

A typical in-dealership consultation agenda may include:


  • Meet with the dealer to discuss problems and goals.

  • Review documentation of 30 new and used transactions from office.

  • Meet with the sales and finance management personnel.

  • Observe sales management and finance presentations.

  • Meet with the dealer to discuss workshop initiatives and solutions.


  • Kick-off meeting with all dealership retail personnel. Dealer/ administrator explains goals (or this can be with finance personnel only).

  • Split personnel into two groups (Team A and Team B) to maintain coverage on the floor.

  • Conduct first training session for Team A

  • Break for lunch (usually brought into the dealership to avoid interruptions throughout the week).

  • Conduct second training session for Team B.


The exact curricula will depend upon the dealer’s suggested needs for his/her shop. Once the dealer/administrator settles on the specific topics, CCI will provide a breakdown of the specific subject matter.

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