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CCI ‘s Program Ensures RV Dealerships Stay Up-to-Date

SUWANEE, GA—April 1, 2013: “We’re back in full force, and bigger and better than before the U.S. recession,” says Rebecca Chernek, the founder and CEO of CCI.

“We’ve been celebrating continued success since our Grand Opening in 2001, still offering intensive, widely acclaimed workshops for RV sales and finance managers, personalized in-store dealership consultation and training, and a wide range of ongoing virtual F&I training, but now we’ve upgraded our training methods to provide every dealership with even better process improvement and profitability.”

Chernek adds that attendance of only the primary F&I manager at a two-day workshop isn’t enough anymore.

“Everyone on an RV sales and finance staff needs to be on the same page,” she says. “We guarantee that members will gain knowledge and learn new skills for more effective performance without ever leaving the dealership. Both our on-site and always-available virtual service ensure that the staff, the dealership and the customers benefit.”

Chernek emphatically states that CCI’s training isn’t a “cookie-cutter, same-program-for-everyone” service, since an RV dealership’s locality is different and has unique problems.

“We’re experts at problem-solving,” says Chernek. ”And, since staff members have diverse personalities, talents and capabilities, we’ve become specialists in clear communication. No one is left behind.”

CCI has 25+ years of experience in the car industry and has taught hundreds of customers. The company has worked for years with industry leaders, including JM&A, AutoNation and The Warranty Group.

Rebecca Chernek comes from an automotive retail background in sales and general management and as a director of finance. She’s a pioneer of menu selling and the implementer of the menu method back in 1997 for AutoNation, the #1 retailer. She shares all her experience and expertise and provides references on request.

“Because some RV dealerships are still struggling, due to a lagging economy, CCI offers a complimentary analysis of any F&I department via web. Then, with distinctive goals in mind, we can strategically implement the process and training of the staff on products and presentation to obtain the impact and outcome required for growth in size and profitability. Our mantra remains: Increase front and back profits while limiting liability!”

CCI is not a compliance-training company, but is fully knowledgeable about the rules and regulations and what it takes to survive a compliance audit.

Interested RV dealerships can call Chernek to discuss its highly affordable prices. “We treat every customer like royalty and establish firm relationship bonds that respect the trust and loyalty that always ensues,” Chernek says.

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About Chernek Consulting, LLC.

Chernek is an AFIP industry member. As a consultant, trainer, and nationally renowned expert in F&I and sales procedures, her company, CCI, has assisted hundreds of car, RV, and marine dealerships throughout the United States and Canada in streamlining their processes and closing techniques that significantly raise their bottom profit line. Chernek writes regularly for NCM as a guest expert writer F&I Management Technology and others. For more information, visit or contact Becky at 404-276-4026 or

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