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Chernek Consulting, Inc.

Chernek Consulting, Inc.

Who are we?

Chernek Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2001 to provide comprehensive, effective, up-to-date, and affordable finance & insurance training for automotive, RV, marine and powersport dealers nationwide.

For almost a decade, CCI has assisted literally hundreds of dealers and their sales and finance staff improve performance while limiting liability. The firm is known for its outstanding workshops and successful in-house evaluations and training techniques. Dealer Elite announced in a recent poll that CCI was a runner-up in providing the best F&I training in the country!

What differentiates CCI from others?

Rebecca Chernek is a veteran in the industry, with both practical knowledge and training expertise. She has experienced every position in retail, including: sales, sales management, finance and general management. She speaks your language. She was hired by the JM&A group and quickly promoted to the largest retailer—AutoNation—making a name for herself by implementing successful menu selling in their stores nationwide, helping dealer personnel increase their bottom line profits by millions.

Chernek is an effective and dynamic communicator. She firmly believes that no training is worth the time or money if it doesn’t provide current and comprehensive facts, proven sales and closing techniques, and specific knowledge in how to develop the skills necessary to excel in several F&I positions regardless of the level of experience. Most of all, she imbues the passion and inspiration required to achieve personal and dealership goals, customer satisfaction, and greatly increased profits.

What does CCI offer?

Convenient, affordable, all-inclusive, functional training right from your company or home office!

Convenient: In an effort to keep up with the changing marketplace, to reach the most clientele, to utilize today’s technology, and to keep dealership or personal expenditures to a minimum, Chernek has formulated a three-day, four-hour, online WebEx workshop: F&I Fundamentals & Integrity Sales. No travel time, fancy wardrobe, eating, plane, car or hotel expenditures required!

Inclusive: F&I Fundamentals & Integrity Sales is geared towards any professional, in or out of the automotive industry, who is contemplating a position in finance & insurance, who is upgrading knowledge and skills for a promotion, or who is just eager to use “downtime” to further his or her skills and know-how to be more proficient and effectual in a current position. The F&I Basics workshop is open to anyone in the automotive, marine, or RV industry, but also to credit union, call center or Internet employees working in an F&I environment or position.

CCI appreciates every vendor who offers products or services to the automotive, RV and marine dealer and knows how important the ongoing and upgraded education of staff is in order to compete successfully in today’s marketplace. Every manager, or staff member working toward a management position, will benefit from taking the F&I Fundamentals and Integrity Sales workshop. It incorporates a fresh look at more efficient administrative functions with the techniques necessary to increase sales and performance.

Affordable: F&I Fundamental and Integrity Sales is affordable for every individual and company of any size. Pocket the thousands others in the field charge. Spend your savings on upgrading office equipment or software. CCI’s already renown workshop offers top-of-the-line instruction for a rock-bottom price . . . because today’s economy requires it and today’s technology permits it!

Who should take the CCI workshop training?

You. Company F&I personnel. Anyone with the interest and desire to improve, excel, or enter this field.

Car sales are on the rise. Dealers who have been running on lean management are hiring again. Now is the time to consider a position in finance & insurance.

CCI is accepting all candidates who believe they have the skill set, determination, and drive to be successful as a finance & insurance manager. Many professionals nationwide have been denied the availability of a finance & insurance course because of limited or no previous job experience, the high cost of most courses, or the inconvenience and expense of travel and time away from the business. Training has always been a dealer decision. Only those holding a position as a finance & insurance manager could ask for training. No more. Now, any professional from any facility who has an interest in the topic can enroll and receive the training usually reserved for only the few.

A finance & insurance manager can earn over $60,000 even in today’s tough economy! An innovative organization understands that job experience alone doesn’t make for a good employee. Groundbreaking companies can’t afford to keep with the status quo. Innovative thinking, a positive and focused mindset, and a fresh look at new ideas stimulates renewed passion and dedication. Enthusiasm and know-how increase sales and performance

Why is CCI’s virtual workshop innovative?

CCI understands the changing marketplace. The Internet is forcing longtime dealerships to accept the new opportunities it offers, such as creating a virtual finance department, limiting the need to bring the customer into a finance office for delivery. Savvy customers shop 24/7! To compete successfully with the competition, dealership owners must be trained in operating an online business or miss out on sales and lose financing options.

CCI has positioned itself to be your online virtual finance and insurance consultant. The F&I Fundamentals and Integrity Sales workshop is not static. We incorporate role-play and interactive sessions to engage each student, while providing plenty of study materials for later reference. We teach a consistent process that supports best practices . . . those that won’t jeopardize your hard-earned reputations. All this from your business or home office!


Although we are not a placement service, CCI can and will recommend you to our dealers and agents nationwide. We are associated with hundreds of dealers and their vendors nationwide. Upon completion of the workshop, you will be provided with a CCI certification. CCI also has other resources to provide you with ongoing compliance certification and education by the best in the industry. Your training doesn’t stop after you complete the CCI F&I Fundamentals and Integrity Sales workshop. We encourage a continued investment in whatever education is required to ensure you stand out from the competition. Know what it takes to reach the respect and income status you want and deserve.

How to enroll

It’s easy to sign up for the CCI workshop. You can pay $539.00 with any credit card at CCI’s PayPal account; no membership is required and no extra fee is charged. For further instructions, contact Rebecca Chernek at

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