About our Chernek Consultant’s

Merico (Rico) Fantigrossi retired from the United States Marine Corps in November of 1991, after serving his country honorably in both war and peace for over twenty-six years. Upon his retirement, he returned to his hometown-Rochester, New York. While waiting for an opportunity in law enforcement, he took a position as an automobile salesman for Gabrielle Ford, in Churchville, New York, a suburb of Rochester. What began as a temporary job, soon developed into a permanent and very successful career. Rico consistently rose to the top of the sales team in sales, gross per unit, customer satisfaction, and both repeat and referral business. After eighteen successful months as a salesman, he moved rapidly in the dealership, from deal closer and assistant manager to desk manager and back-up F&I manager.

In 1993, Rico accepted a position as the general sales manager at Gambino Ford, in Lockport, New York. Over the next three years, Gambino Ford became one of the most recognized and successful dealerships in western New York, as it made a quantum leap in both customer satisfaction and profitability, going from the sale of forty to over two hundred units per month.
When Rico left Gambino Ford, he became a member of the Ziegler Supersystems, in Atlanta, Georgia. For eight years, he worked as a dealer consultant for in-dealership sales and management training and development. He spent time on the road, traveling more than two hundred days of each year, visiting dealerships, from Hawaii to Connecticut and from Texas to Canada, providing sales personnel and management staff with a wealth of accurate knowledge. His effective and motivating in-house, hands-on training brought immediate positive results.
Upon leaving the Ziegler organization, Rico started Merico Fantigrossi Enterprises, Inc. Over the years, he had provided cost effective in-store training that encompasses every aspect of skilled sales person and management training and development. His professional and optimistic attitude and his unique approaches have consistently brought positive change and overall profitability to every sales team he has coached. His genuine concern and on-going follow up with their progress, over time, has provided him with a steady stream of success stories.
When you need to educate, motivate, and elevate your sales team … Rico is the only man to call!

David Keeney, Owner/President, David Keeney Dynamics, has an extremely comprehensive background in the automobile business that spans 20 years. After a short tour in the United States Navy, he found himself searching for a new career. He entered the automobile business entirely by accident. A local business man that followed his hockey career in school offered him an opportunity to produce an income until he found his niche. And it stuck.
David is currently the owner of David Keeney Dynamics, which is responsible for developing professional sales/lease/conduct/cultural processes around owner specifications for 20-50 sales people respectively in multi-location enterprises within dealers’ specifications. Also trained and maintained proper staffing to ensure core doctrines in sales performance. He is a respected lease authority across North America that has helped many people become more successful at their vocation and positively affected thousands of people’s lives. David is also the sole author of a dealer specific Leasing/Trade Cycle training syllabus and performs workshops and in-house training that are copy written across the United States and Canada.
David was a member of the HALF-A-CAR family which was responsible for creating change and increasing profits dealership wide. Some of their affiliate partners were Ford Motor Credit, Ford Motor Company & all of its affiliate companies, Searay Boats, Toyota Motor Credit, Toyota Motor Company to name a few.
He was also general manager for one of the Northeast’s largest dealer groups and has working knowledge of operations from “cradle to grave.” He has been the presentation maker, decision maker, and a trusted consultant nationwide.

  • Voted Volkswagen of America’s “Number 1 Customer Service Index Dealer” nationally

  • Chrysler’s “Customer Service Index” award, 27% above national average

  • Presidents club “Dealer of the Year Award” Chrysler Credit Corporation Top 5%

  • Named to Volkswagen/Audi Ag global operations council David is a New England native and holds residences in Arizona and Massachusetts

David was always told regardless to what it is that you attempt, to always finish what you started and to remember “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.”
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Director of Marketing

Brian Moroney started his 35 years of Marketing and Sales career out of Manhattan where he worked for a division of Hallmark Cards of almost 20 years. Originally from Scarsdale, NY, he graduated from St Thomas University in Minnesota and went on to serve in the navy for 3 more years out of San Diego Ca.
From the very start of Brian’s career in Corporate B2B Sales and Marketing, he has exhibited a staunch attitude of professionalism, work ethic and incessant drive for success. Early on his career, he was transferred 3 times in 4 years overseeing the marketing and sales development of cities such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia and finally the entire state of New York as Regional VP. To name just a few of Brian’s marketing and key account development successes with Trifari, Krussman and Fishel, he developed his New York State Region from $300,000 to over $3,000,000 in a period of 3 years; as well as, being recognized as # 1 nationwide for maintaining the highest annual percentage increase.

Brian was then recruited for fundraising and market development in the early 90’s by Entertainment Publications, the leading nationwide corporation which generated over $6.5 billion in revenue for its over 53,000 local and national business partners. Each year, the company raises more than $70 million for the charities it serves. In his first year at EPI, Brian was submitted for ‘National Rookie of the Year’ out of 2000 representatives – with a trip to Hawaii – at the National Sales meeting!
The late 90’s saw an emergence of the new ‘.COM ’ industries and along with that the accessibility of nationwide fundraising online… with promotional advertising partnerships. Mr. Moroney was scooped away by CitySpree in 2000 and hired again in 2005 by the same company, but this time, under the name of Enjoy The City. Brian participated in the training of new sales reps, analyzing/developing new markets around the country and working with the C.E.O. on a one to one basis. In 2005 Brian was transferred to the Atlanta area to increase the marketing penetration of fundraising in Metro-Atlanta area.

For 35 years Brian has been a dedicated successful professional in both the worlds of marketing and business development. All throughout his travels nationwide, Brian has conducted meetings with corporate CEO’s, Presidents, CFO’s, Vice Presidents and business owners with the ability to excel in a fast-paced, competitive environment. Mr. Moroney is excited to join CCI’s team of individual talents and expertise and looks forward to a long and successful partnership.