A Customer Centric Workshop


Chernek Consulting offers an extensive three-day F&I Workshop  in Atlanta, GA for either the hybrid sales associate, beginner or advanced F&I student. Chernek's workshops are offered quarterly! Becky Chernek offers customized in-dealership training get the entire team on the same page! Take the Chernek Challenge (1) complimentary online evaluation find out what's keeping you from maximizing your potential. We also offer private regional workshops for allied industry members and financial services.  Visit for more details.


  • F&I Menu Selling and Presentation

  • Addressing Customer Concerns

  • High-Pointing Product Features and Benefits

  • Credit Interview

  • UpSelling

  • Compliance

  • Paper Trail

  • Engaging Online Buyer Virtual F&I

  • Achieving Customer Trust and Satisfaction

  • Desking the Deal Proficiently, with Consistency and Speed

  • Sales Training and Earning Respect

  • Cooperating with Sales Staff

  • Phone Skills and Lender Communication

  • Save a Deal Meeting

  • Tracking Performance

  • Bank Relations

  • Deal Structure and Subprime

  • How to Establish Authority as a Leader

  • How to Ensure Entire Dealership is On the Same Page

  • Word-tracks


***All our workshops come with a two month complimentary access to our F&I online platform www.chernekconsultingvirtualpro.com!
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Early Bird Cost: $995.00
Workshop Cost: $1295.00