A Customer Centric Workshop

Chernek Consulting offers a F&I Workshop three-day intense workshop in Atlanta, GA for either the hybrid sales associate, beginner or advanced F&I student. Our workshops are generally offered quarterly depending on demand. Chernek offers customized in-dealership training, regional workshops for insurance providers and corporate events. Please visit regional workshops contact us for more details.

  • F&I Menu Selling and Presentation

  • Addressing Customer Concerns

  • High-Pointing Product Features and Benefits

  • Credit Interview

  • UpSelling

  • Compliance

  • Paper Trail

  • Engaging Online Buyer Virtual F&I

  • Achieving Customer Trust and Satisfaction

  • Desking the Deal Proficiently, with Consistency and Speed

  • Sales Training and Earning Respect

  • Cooperating with Sales Staff

  • Phone Skills and Lender Communication

  • Save a Deal Meeting

  • Tracking Performance

  • Bank Relations

  • Deal Structure and Subprime

  • How to Establish Authority as a Leader

  • How to Ensure Entire Dealership is On the Same Page

  • Word-tracks


***All our workshops come with a one month complimentary access to our F&I online platform www.chernekconsultingvirtualpro.com!
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Early Bird Cost: $995.00
Workshop Cost: $1295.00