Service Drive Training

Service Drive Training

You achieve a robust ROI when you gain customer loyalty. Keeping your customers coming back to your automotive dealership is essential to your business success. You do so by offering an exceptional buying experience that motivates customers to purchase your services and aftermarket products. Chernek training programs optimizes your results. We’ll teach your staff to achieve the highest performance standards while building a lifetime customer base. We design customized automotive in-dealership consultation and interactive webinar sessions with one goal in mind-to keep you on track and ahead of the pack!

Course content includes:

  • Exceptional Team-Driven Attitude

  • Ultimate Customer Experience

  • Consistent Presentation Earns Sales

  • A Winning Customer Base

  • Lifetime Cycle & Why It Matters

  • Women on the Drive

  • Addressing Customer Concerns

Course attendees learn:

  • How to earn customer trust build a loyal customer base.

  • How to effectively & consistently present your services in the drive in less than five minutes.

  • How to present your services to online customers.

  • How to properly engage with a female customer and why that matters today.

  • How to up-sell services without tearing down walls.

  • And, much, much more.

*Content is available during any in-dealership training upon request. A customized in-dealership guarantees that all staff members are on the same page- retaining more customers is the best way to go! It is the life-line to your dealership success!
“We serve to serve you again.”