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F&I Success In-House Training Boost Profits!

Increase Profits and Boost ROI by Getting Your Staff on the Same Page


There’s a certain synergy present in every one of my F&I training workshops, a spirit of collaboration and learning where participants bounce ideas off one another and perform invaluable exercises to test out new approaches to age-old scenarios. Workshop participants leave with a sense of excitement about hitting the ground running, eager to put their newly-learned techniques to practice.

But as is unfortunately the case with real-world scenarios, many are met with a general lack of support when they get back to the workplace – and in some cases, with contradictory opposition. When this happens, those freshly garnered skills begin to erode. Good intentions start to fade away. Optimistic outlooks wither on the vine. Dealership profits diminish. Without support from management, even the most intensive training can become a waste of time and money.

The solution to this predicament isn’t for dealerships to keep sending their staff back through a revolving door for more training. Instead, the answer is much simpler – to get everyone, including management, onto the same page. How is that done? Glad you asked. I have the answer.

For 15 years, Chernek Consulting has offered in-house consultations geared at ensuring all management personnel get on the same page with their staff… and more importantly, that they stay there. Onsite training can last from one to five days, or longer depending on your dealership’s unique needs.

Far from being a cookie-cutter program, Chernek’s onsite consultation is customized to meet your dealership’s specific needs. The training curriculum is prepared in advance, taking into account data gathered about your dealership’s established processes, its strengths and weaknesses, and with focused aim on the positive changes you want to see take place.

In-house consultation includes the following:

  • A full audit of dealership transactions for compliance and process implementation.

  • An advance review of all existing sales and desking procedures.

  • A review of your dealership’s F&I sales techniques and procedures.

  • Sales management desking development strategies.

  • Finance management presentation techniques (menu sales).

  • Improving product knowledge for optimum effectiveness in sales.

  • Addressing customer concerns and overcoming objections.

  • Sales training, process review, and action plan.

  • The importance of establishing an online storefront for internet inquiries and sales.

  • Performing effective hiring practices.

  • How to reduce employee turnover.

Beyond in-house consultation, Chernek offers continuing education that enhances the learning experience and ensures that lessons learned in the classroom stick on the sales floor. Additional remote video role-play is also available as an upgrade to supplement workshop training, affording participants the opportunity to apply learned techniques and hone their crafts for everyday practice. Chernek also provides highly effective F&I online training that caters to busy schedules and allows participants to learn at their own pace.

Since 2001, I have performed intensive onsite training consultations for auto, RV, and power-sports dealers throughout North America. I have worked with corporations, financial institutions, and insurance agencies to institute effective changes that save money and increase profit.

It’s no secret that forward motion is impossible if everyone is pulling in different directions. Bringing the daily practices of your entire staff into alignment makes it possible to take leaps and bounds in the direction of increased profit.

To put an end to wasted training efforts and to take steps toward a lasting change, contact Rebecca Chernek at or call 404-276-4026.