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CCI-Closing Tools Mastering Menu Sales-Nov. 13th-14th & 15th-Atlanta, GA

Managers who have applied sound and well-practiced menu selling techniques, with regularity, have learned that offering every product to every customer 100% of the time increases product sales simply because the products are offered without prejudice. However, they have also learned that some customers are not as easy to close on products, no matter what kind of menu or procedure they use. It is important for every manager to learn how to overcome the “no” factor!

No matter how many years managers have spent in the automobile industry, it usually makes them feel uncomfortable when they hear customers say, “I just want to stick with the base payment.” Many hem and haw, searching for the words to convince them otherwise; many others simply give up and close. They’ve gone through their routine too many times and know that for certain customers, it is futile to proceed with the menu presentation. Some have never learned how to overcome the fear that rises with certainty, every time they hear such a firm statement. Fortunately, there are tools any manager can learn, to effectively squelch personal fear and sell the reluctant customer on a product. This means you! You can acquire new tools and learn to use them successfully in only a short time.

Why is this so important? If you don’t have a collection of effective closes in your toolbox, how can you expect to handle the plethora of objections that come your way every day? If the truth were told, you’d have to admit that you lose far too many sales, because of your lack of closing skill! In this highly competitive economy and industry, you can no longer afford to remain static. Did you know, for instance, that the simple use of visuals compliments most objections? Visuals are such an important part of closing the sale, in fact, that the more you use, the more products you are likely to sell. Do you use visuals when you present your menu of products? Do you use them effectively? Wait! Do you even know what the term “visuals” means?

The first (and most basic) tool you need in your arsenal, of course, is to recognize that your customers may simply be responding to a base payment option, because they haven’t received enough information about certain products. They don’t see the value. They don’t understand the consequences of not owning the product. They are confused. This doesn’t have to happen. Confusion can be overcome, if you conduct a more thorough interview. Keep in mind interview doesn’t mean “interrogation”! During the “review” process, do you discuss your customers’ driving habits how long they plan on holding onto the vehicle do they plan on doing the maintenance at the dealership? Perhaps they might have more downpayment then what the sales consultant offered. How long have they been employed at the same place of business? Are they home owners or renters? Do they value their vehicles and maintain them properly? Have they ever had trouble getting a loan? The more information you gather during your initial meet and greet, the more easily you will be able to overcome product objections. It’s about trust and gaining creditability.

The CCI Closing Tools Workshop is geared towards helping you increase your abilities to close any sale. We provide an abundance of information and a long list of closing tools that prepare you for incalculable success. We provide details and the right words. We provide the most effective processes and proven techniques. We are confident that, with our training, you can become the best finance manager in the industry! Remember, presenting the menu is one thing, but closing the deal is quite another matter. You know how to present. Now, you need to learn how to successfully close. No more excuses. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can learn and accomplish today!

You got to take the car out of park to succeed.

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