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Sometimes, it can be tough finding answers to pressing questions having to do with the automobile finance and insurance industry. The fact is, nobody knows it all. Not even the guy who claims to. Especially not him. Even the most comprehensive training programs in the world – whether they’re the kind performed face to face or via online channels – can’t pre-address every single question that’s likely to pop into someone’s mind further down the line. For this reason, we think it’s important to offer your F&I staff a platform through which they can get quick answers. If you think it’s important too, then you’re going to like what we have to offer. Our recently launched “Ask Becky” channel is an entirely free platform where anyone in your dealership, from F&I to sales, can come to get the skinny on everything from market breaking market trends tips on how to close sales more quickly (and just about anything else you can think of). All you have to do is enter your name, your email address, ask your question, and hit Submit. You’ll get a private, personalized response from Becky as quickly as possible. So… got a question? Ask Becky!

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Dealer Services

Today, the spotlight is on your F&I department more than ever before. The media continuously discredits dealership ethics, and the information on the Internet has created a more savvy customer. As a result, the car business nationwide is replete with added risk. You can no longer afford to conduct “business as usual” on the floor or in the F&I office. Instead, you need to adopt an upfront sales culture to increase profits and add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. The transparent sales methods taught by Chernek Consulting are time-tested and proven to impress — just ask hundreds of satisfied dealers who have worked with us. Chernek Consulting provides customized in-house training for all your management personnel to help get everyone on the same page. And our most popular workshop, Closing Tools Mastering Menu Sales, is interactive, engaging and intense study of the ABCs on how to master menu selling once and for all.

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Rebecca Chernek

President, Founder
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Chernek Consulting LLC was founded in 2001 by Rebecca Chernek. Rebecca is a well-regarded dealership sales, management and F&I expert with nearly three decades of experience in the industry. She provides online F&I training, interactive webinars and customized in-dealership training for automotive, RV and marine dealers nationwide. Through her courses, you will learn to bridge the gap between sales and F&I once and for all, cut delivery time in half, and effectively implement an enthusiastic, seven-minute F&I presentation that will add millions of dollars to your bottom line. Rebecca will teach you and your staff how to effectively utilize transparent selling techniques to significantly increase your profits while limiting liability. In the process, your dealership will establish a community-wide reputation you can be proud of that outperforms your competitors hands down.

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Don’t Let Your Competition Eat Your Lunch

Don’t Let the Competition Eat Your Lunch!

By Rebecca Chernek


Idea That Matter

Ideas That Matter

“Subprime financing.” It’s one of the most frequently-spoken catchphrases in the auto sales industry today. It’s also one of the biggest pain points for dealers so entrenched in their old ways of doing business that they can’t see the forest through the trees. We all know working subprime deals is a pain in the you-know-what. But so is selling cars without making a profit. You’d think this harsh reality would be enough to jolt sense into senseless minds – but if that were the case, I’d probably be out of a job.


Here’s the simple, unadulterated truth: if you want to maximize your profits in today’s rough and tumble economy, you’re going to have to learn to embrace subprime financing. Period. But before you can do that, you first have to ask yourself some hard questions that probe deep into the heart of what you’re probably doing wrong.


1.)   Do you have an inventory diverse enough to accommodate a broad range of budgets?

2.)  Is there a system in place at your dealership that automatically selects a range of specific vehicles based on the customer’s credit information?

3.)  Do you have the right lenders in place who will buy deals without forcing a ton of contingencies?

4.)   Is your F&I Manager schooled on the various methods of working with subprime or nonprime credit?

5.)   What compliance checks – if any – does your dealership have in place to double-check all steps throughout the buying process?

6.)   Do you take steps to ensure your internal processes and procedures are followed by everyone and not just your F&I Manager?

7.)   Are you of the opinion that compliance starts and ends with the F&I office and has nothing to do with what goes on at the sales floor level? If so, check your head!

8.)  Do you find yourself stuck in the mindset that all it takes to sell a car is to land the customer on a specific car before talking figures? Check that head again.

9.)  What’s the frequency of your staff’s training schedule? Do you offer weekly or bi-monthly training refreshers?

10.)  Is your sales staff gun-shy about sending subprime customers to your F&I Manager because he or she has a poor attitude about it?

11.)  Do you have a smart pay plan in place to adequately support subprime deals in sales and finance?


Many dealers make the decision to sell cars to subprime customers, or buy trigger leads in the hopes of upping their sales margins. Then they do absolutely nothing to upgrade their existing sales processes. If this sounds like you, you’re in for a rude awakening. With no game plan in place, you’re sunk before you’ve even set sail.


The fact is, more than 50 percent of all car customers suffer from near-average to subprime credit. Without a well-planned process in place for dealing with subprime customers, you’re effectively pushing half of all prospective buyers out the door and handing your lunch to your competitors in the process. If that doesn’t put a pit square in your stomach, maybe you’re in the wrong line of work.


Having an established process in place that encourages more subprime sales is absolutely essential to surviving the shifting tides of our uncertain economy. Now is the time to consider trading in those old, worn out methods that have been undermining your results.


Rebecca Chernek is the founder and president of Chernek Consulting, LLC. With over three decades of experience, she is one of the auto industry’s most sought-after thought leaders. She offers specialty, in-house consultation services and regional workshops on subprime financing. Contact Rebecca today at or visit or contact directly at 404-276-4026 for a complimentary analysis!